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Marc for Austin

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For Experienced, Balanced, Results-Oriented Leadership in District 10!

A broad-based community builder with experience solving problems, working alongside others, and creating a positive impact. 

Latest News & Events

April 16 NEXT Meet & Greet Event

Thanks to everyone for attending the Feb 22nd Meet & Greet.  See you at the next Meet & Greet event on April 16th! 

Campaign Kick-Off Success!

Our Jan. 25th Kick-Off event was a smashing success!  Let’s keep the momentum going!

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Why I'm Running

Austin needs fiscal responsibility

We need fiscal responsibility on the Council. The Council oversees a $5.5 Billion dollar budget and influences major projects like Project Connect and Finding Home ATX. I’ve managed budgets and projects, run a business, and believe what actually works – not what sounds good.

District 10 Needs a Voice

We need to change the culture at City Hall so that we listen to people – not just donors or special interests. That also means listening to their concerns: about safety, mobility, fire and flood mitigation, and other issues that fail to get the full attention of Council.

City Hall Needs Experience

We need experience on Council. More than some work and advocacy experience, but experience with budgets, experience serving others in the community, experience working with people with different ideas and backgrounds, and experience solving problems.

Meet Marc

I’m a UT graduate who has lived in District 10 for 23 years and served in a variety of community and volunteer roles. I’m running for City Council to continue that service, to address the challenges from the legacy of policies we’ve inherited, and to bring years of fiscal experience, management, and problem-solving skills to the Council.

What I’ve done:

Marc for Austin

My journey into local politics started in 2015 when I joined my homeowner’s association board, which supports a community of several hundred homeowners and residents and currently manages an approx. $750,000 budget. Like City Council, boards like ours manage land use issues, maintenance and infrastructure issues, fire & flood safety, code enforcement and violations, safety issues, and many other challenges.

I’m also no stranger to challenges, having overcome cancer and managed other health challenges while continuing to run a small business and advocate for my community. Our district will be losing an experienced council member next year and we will need someone with perseverance and real-world understanding of politics, issues, budgets, technology, and working across political divisions to succeed.

I am dedicated to collaborative problem-solving and impactful leadership. With a track record of bringing diverse voices together, I am committed to building a strong, inclusive community where every voice matters and every concern is addressed. I’ll leverage my extensive experience and policy expertise to deliver real results, so District 10 thrives in a balanced and sustainable way. Let’s work towards creating a brighter future for D10 and Austin!

Among My Supporters

  • Cecelia Burke

  • Holly Reed

  • Tobin Quereau

  • Michelle Monk

  • David Greene

  • Barbara McArthur

  • Randy Ortega

  • Jason Hyde

  • Daniel Vaughn

  • Roger Falk

  • Laura Cantu-Templeton

  • Anne-Charlotte Patterson

  • Terri & Adam Singer

  • Jason Reese

  • Sandy Morris

  • Eva Wisser

  • Linda & Ed Bailey

  • Heidi Gibbons

  • Seth Klempner

  • Joe Echazaretta

  • Scott Sousares

  • Jeff Bowen

  • Eric Wetzel

  • Michel Walter

  • Daniel Sacks

  • Richard Smith

  • Susan Spataro

  • Cecilia Crossley

  • David Weinberg

  • Daniel Llanes

  • Michael Kleinman

  • Megan Meisenbach

  • Jennifer Mushtaler

  • Joe Price

  • Carolyn Wright

  • Stephanie Foster

  • Ana Aguirre

  • Nathalie Frensley

  • Amanda Boyd

  • Jason Herd

  • Anna Pittala

  • Jolene Kiolbassa

  • Jim Lear

  • Bill Oakey

  • Jeff Jack

  • David Duchen

  • Francis Acuna

  • Alaire & Tom Lowry